The Best Meal

Last year this time i had the best meal of my life. I was around 9 months pregnant and everyone on this day last year thought they would cook me something wonderful. The day began with some amazing mutton samosas for breakfast. Lunch was crab in pepper and some leftover sorpatel (all prohibited for consumption for a pregnant woman but i ate it anyway). My sister’s sister in law cooked some succulent kebabs and her famous baked dish. And the icing on the cake was that my husband cooked his ‘world -famous in Mumbai’ chicken biryani.

I was chatting happily all day because the house was full of music – we had choir practice for a wedding – i was singing too – also laughing that i will not be attending the wedding because i would deliver soon. Everyone around me was happy too because after choir practice they would all eat biryani.

Little did i know that the wonderful feast would be my meal that delivered by bun!

I delivered a healthy baby boy on the morning after this glorious meal and a very happy day.

And to this day, my son reminds me of the wonderful meal i had on September 23, 2012 and as my son turns 1 tomorrow i suppose that not only do i enjoy food, my son enjoys food as well. Which is probably why he doesn’t mind a bite of anything and enjoys all his food!

Succulent kebabs
Cheese and macaroni bake
Aiden Anton D'Souza
Aiden Anton D’Souza

Happy Birthday Aiden! Here’s to some good times together, eating!

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  1. AAbu says:

    Balu, I am AAbu.

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