Restaurant review – Salt Water Cafe in Bandra (W)

I should begin this post by saying that when you visit an all day dining restaurant which serves Continental and Mediterranean food you are not allowed to be dressed in Indian attire…or that is what the security guard at Salt Water cafe( in Bandra West thought. i visited the restaurant with my 1-year-old and my mum (dressed in a salwar kurta) and the security guard said “Madam idhar Indian khana nahin milega” Maybe he was trying to be kind but i did not take that kindly and took necessary steps.





Stepping in, i found the staff to be very gracious and kind to make us comfortable especially so when my son took off crying because he was very sleepy. They offered pillows, a quieter spot and even offered to take my son for a walk while we ate our breakfast…Eventually it took a bit of patient singing from me to put my son to sleep.  We could then enjoy our breakfast – Eggs Benedict with Salmon for me and Spanish omelette with chorizo for my mum, orange juice and pineapple juice to accompany.

The Food

I was quite happy with the Eggs (quite runny, like i liked them). The smoked salmon was also delicious. What i wasn’t too happy with was the hollandaise sauce – too runny and thin for my taste. Over all the seasoning was good and i had no complaints. Here is a better recipe for the sauce as i would have liked it

I wouldn’t give it a 5/5 for presentation but it looked appetizing. Thanks to my son i wasn’t able to click even a single decent photograph. So here is a picture that comes close.

On the Spanish omelette with the chorizo – the potatoes in the omelette were undercooked but the rest of the omelette tasted great. And looked very presentable. But seriously, your dish is only complete when every ingredient in the dish is cooked well. So i have to say that this wasn’t their best effort.

We ended our breakfast with some English breakfast tea (for me) and a detox tea (for my mum). Happy with both, even better was the quaint glasses they were served in. Loved it.English breakfast tea








The Ambiance

Parts of the restaurant did seem as though they were literally under salt water – paint peeling off, bathroom sinks corroded (though the bathrooms were clean), the entrance to the kitchen dirty, the cooling uneven. There was a lot needed to be done. I am not sure if all this was to keep up with the name of the restaurant.

The Service

As i mentioned the service was kind and genuine. Cant really say if it was without a flaw. If i had to pick a point it would be this – since my son was crying, the managers could have noticed my eggs going cold and they could have offered to keep it warm or offered to reheat them (of course by saying the eggs would be well done etc). But i did not see that coming. Else, the service was with a smile and warm. They did their best to help someone with a crying toddler.



Food : 4/ 5

Ambiance – 3/5

Service; 4/5

Overall recommendation: Do go for the food and the service. Ignore the ambiance (or don’t use the rest rooms)

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