Eggs on a Tuesday at Eggsunday


Morning on May Day – i had the sudden urge to eat eggs other than the ones i make at home – boiled or fried (too lazy to even scramble an egg or make a omelette – so i pestered the husband to take me to EggSunday. Clever name – eggs / unday or egg sunday, whichever way you’d prefer to call it.

We drove to Oshiwara to find the place open (thankfully!). I know of very few breakfast joints that open at 10 am and those that call themselves that are either in a 5 star hotel or open at noon.   We were early since it was a holiday in the middle of the week, i guess not too many people want to wake up at 10 am.

Loved what they had on their menu. I found Eggs Benedict on their menu and though it is always risky to order Eggs Benedict in a restaurant that isn’t a in a 5 star hotel, i ordered it anyway. Husband wanted something spicy – the clImageosest that came to a regular omelette was the Farmer’s Omelette. And my cousin ordered a Baked Egg Basket.

Ambiance: The ambiance was pleasing. Like yellow and off-white interiors generally make you hungry. Clean tables and two levels of seating.

Presentation: Was decent in presentation. Not very close to the display on their walls but not bad either. The Farmer’s Omelette came with toast, baked beans, hash brown and butter. Baked Egg Basket looked beautiful – basically boiled eggs with corn and cheese stuffing. Eggs Benedict looked good enough to be dug into. On a scale of 5 – i would rate the presentation a 3.

Taste: The Farmer’s Omelette was filling and accompaniments were in just the right quantity, though i wasnt such a fan of black olives in the omelette. The Omelette wasn’t too spicy and thankfully did not taste like the usual masala omelette

Baked Egg Basket was satisfactory. The combination of corn and cheese always goes well with a few veggies thrown in with egg.  Eggs were boiled to perfection as well and it fit the bill of what was described in the menu. So we are good there.

Eggs Benedict was a total let down. The hollandaise sauce was a total let down. The eggs weren’t runny. Some silly chilli flakes were sprinkled on  – the presentation made me take the first bite but the rest of the bites weren’t very inspiring. Never again! The bread used was soggy with the sauce. So all in all i did not like my eggs that morning.

Service:  Was slow, probably because we were early and maybe a little hungry. They were a tad inflexible when they said they had no choice in butter. They insisted on Nutrilite.  Well, service could have been a little better.

Affordability: For the service provided, the ambiance and the dishes we ate, well ok, the bill was affordable.

Other Comments: For a breakfast place Eggsunday opens up at 9.30 am which is pretty ok for a holiday but when you have to grab breakfast on a working day, this place simply doesn’t work. I think i will stick to frying an egg for a working day.

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